If your foundation is strong, then whatever items you build will be reflective of the foundational strength.

Foundation is key, then building is worth the effort so there’s a good foundation to support all the additional building on top of the ground foundation.  It’s so important to understand that before building anything, the foundation is so important.

If you are looking to make your life better

Follow the certain minimum pre-requisites of survival and happiness and you will notice that other things you desire in life will gradually fall in place, but those primary focal points are required before building the structures on top of the foundation.

Guilty by association

Is it true in your mind that being associated to the right or wrong crowd can actually influence your own path of failures and successes?  Think about the last time you were associating with the different types of people you know, and the outcomes that resulted.

If you think you can add value to society, then do it.

Why not be associated to adding value to society, whether it’s educational, adding jobs, creating worthful infrastructures, logistics, processes, or whatever environment that betters the current and enhances what people are living in normal, and so you can change your direction and make a difference by actually doing something.

Knowing when to speak and when not to

Sometimes, you listen, and you don’t say anything, and then, there’s a point where you just cannot handle it any more and you become a ZON, a person that is like the elephant in the room, the person that’s obvious, but no one wants to talk about it.  All of a sudden you speak up and voice your opinion, and now, you’ve been heard.